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Leofinance Twitter Campaign

Two days ago, I shared the first Leofinance articles on Twitter to gain more traffic Leofinance. I received some comments with tips, that got me thinking. For example @bitcoinflood mentioned to use max 3 hashtags in the tweets for the best result.

I personally always thought that using more would mean more traffic but after reading his explanation on the "why" it makes sense that in this case, less is probably more. I decided that for today's round of tweets, I'd try to limit the hashtags to 3 max and see if this makes a difference when I collect the traffic data at the end of the week.

In the end, it's about getting more people to find Leofinance, so if a simple thing like using max 3 hashtags helps getting this done, it's not hard to do so. Although old habits sometimes die hard, I will try to pay attention to limit hashtag usage.

Today's shared Tweets

Author: @belemo

Author: @bengy

Author: @sapphirecrypto

Author: @d-zero

Author: @hetty-rowam

Show the authors some love

I hope you found one or more of the shared articles valuable, if so, please visit the articles and maybe leave a comment for the author as well. Getting the engagement up is always nice, isn't it?

I'm curious to see the results in stats in a few days of today's shared articles compared to those from two days ago, regarding less hashtags.

For now, going to wish you a lovely day and thank you for stopping by!

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