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You signed up on Listnerds, now what?

So your interest was piqued, and you decided to sign up on Listnerds and build your online business. After all, that's what it is! You will be working towards building a nice online income generated through several income streams. Although I have already shared a bit about how you can stake your CTP on Listnerds, I want to take a step back and start from the beginning.

For a person that didn't come through Hive, my post about staking CTP may be a tiny bit difficult to understand and I should have considered that right away. But thankfully, we're all just getting started and I will make sure that every step is explained very clear and everyone will be able to follow how we grow our business online. If you ever feel the need to read back an older tutorial, they will all be linked in the last post, so you can find back all previous parts very easily.

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Listnerds sign up process

The sign-up process will be clear to everyone, follow the sign-up links in this blog and once you verify your e-mail address, you are a part of my team. Welcome! To me, you will be a real team member and my goal is for you to grow your business to make sure you will eventually earn a passive income through what you've been building. I will also throw in some cool rewards here and there and will try to cover every aspect of the business in tutorials and sharing my experiences.

Some people will understand e-mail marketing quicker than others, maybe because you've had some previous experience in this business, or because you just pick things up easily and are a natural at this. If that's the case, that's awesome! But we also have to take into account that some people need some more guidance and that's why I'm going to take baby steps in my tutorials from this moment and explain even the parts that most coming from Hive would already understand without explanation. This doesn't mean that if you can work things out yourself, you have to slow down, though! On the contrary, I want you to rock this!

Connecting the Keychain extension with Listnerds will be clear for any Hive member, but for those joining from outside Hive, I will create one separate tutorial about creating a hive account and installing Keychain and link here so you can always find it back and send it to your team members as well. This will save you some time to help them get started!

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Can we get to the earning part yet?

Sure! I got you waiting there, I'm sorry but let me assure you that once you are logged into your dashboard on Listnerds, you can start to earn MAIL tokens right away. This is where we start. Reading the e-mails that are sent out by other members and in these e-mails, these e-mails can be about anything really, I've seen people share their Hive blogs and throw in a special reward for those that comment and actually read the e-mail (hint! You should really read!).

Others share their tutorials on how to build a successful online business, which can be written content as well as video content. You will find plenty of topics, reading those e-mails will slowly give you an idea on how to start implementing e-mail marketing to your own business. Don't worry if you can't grab your head around it within the first days, as I'm here to help you and the city of Rome wasn't built in one day either, so take the time you need.

Slow and steady usually wins the race anyway!

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Add a few simple tasks to your daily routine

We will start easy by doing a few simple tasks each day that won't even cost you more than minutes of your time. Go to your Listnerds dashboard, and click on tasks:


You can stay on track by checking your daily/weekly/monthly tasks. Each day you should read 10 Mails, this is the easiest task and anyone can complete these tasks, you don't need to have any special skills so I want you to first add this to your daily routine and make it a habit. Don't worry if you won't see 10 emails a day yet, just read and open those that are available, I've been told they're working on that. Meanwhile, you can start adding Listnerds to your daily routine.

What I do is, I wake up, and where I used to start by checking my Hive account and Hive Engine wallet, I have now added Listnerds as well. I log in, check if there are new emails, if yes, I read them and vote for them.

This is important: your vote is important for the sender! The sender needs to get 20 upvotes to receive rewards first, so please cast your vote if you think the mail was worthy of it. Once you're ready to send out emails yourself, you will be thankful that others take the effort to vote your emails as well.

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Excited and want to start building right away?

If you're excited to do more than just add opening mails on Listnerds to your daily habit, you can start by telling people about Listnerds, and share your personal referral link to add them to your team. Then you can tell them to implement the same habit and start slow by opening the emails and learning from those. Reading them, you will see what others are sharing and in a while, your own plan will start to exist in your head. Once you have an idea, you can even start writing your first email in the draft in Listnerds, and keep editing it until you feel it's a good first email to send out.

There are plenty of docs and videos to be found on the website with tutorials, and you are also welcome to share mine if I have already written one about a certain topic regarding how to build your business using Listnerds.

*If you joined my team, I hope you will start adding Listnerds to your daily routine, it will only cost you a few minutes each day to start building and earning. Let's be proactive and make this a fruitful year so that we can look back at 2022 as the year of learning new things and taking the opportunities to earn while they appear. Listnerds is your opportunity!

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