RE: Hivestats V4 Development Update and Roadmap + Share Your Hivestats Experience Contest Winners

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Your Hive account is a business of sorts. With an ever-expanding list of ways to earn on Hive, you need to keep yourself organized and know the analytics behind your business.

100% agreed! I consider my hive account a business as well.

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So happy to read this!!! Can't wait, it will only get better from here:)

I indeed missed this, as it was published 30 minutes before I bumped on your post @khaleelkazi, didn't notice this one yet.

Congratulations to @l337m45732 for winning the contest!

I wanted to ask how to solve the issue I'm still facing in Firefox:


I've deleted cookies etc numerous times, tried another browser (internet explorer) I'm probably missing something and would love to get some guidance on what I can do to make sure I see my stats again.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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