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You make some valid points there. Personally, I have never ignored someone for a low rep, I would much sooner check out if they are already getting voted if not, share their posts in some servers instead of thinking it's just a newbie.
Newbies can be a great addition to the communities. Fresh fishies who are super happy with some guidance.

And looking back, I'm glad that I wasn't ignored as a smaller account either when I just started. I wrote my way up and now I can finally work towards the next step of 5000 HP.

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Having the next level, goal in sight is vital, at least when working the way up the ladder.

The ecosystem certainly needs more Dolphins. I think that is about 5400 HP now. Stay consistent and you will get there.

Comments like this one will really assist you in the quest.

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Ah what's another 400 when working towards 5000 :) Easy peasy! That's just a final sprint!

I've noticed that being on top of my goals, and now writing a weekly status update about it is helping me to stay focused and therefore I will continue doing so. I will hold myself accountable if I'm not on track.

I don't mind prioritizing some goals over others (like this month Chaos legion for example, so no HBD savings) as I will iron that out next month. And I'm trying to keep constant pending rewards above a certain number.

It motivates me to see I can actually earn more than I'd expect. And when a post hasn't been picked up, don't feel shit, just keep going. The comments matter just as much.

Have a good weekend!

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