The unbelievers of cryptocurrencies

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Why is it so difficult for some people to think that cryptocurrencies are as real and valid as paper money? I have had several "friendly" discussions with some people who simply did not want to "even know" the subject, because not only did they not understand but they did not respect the idea of ​​making "money come out of nowhere". And even showing explanatory videos about how this magic happens, using as an example the most classic of coins, BTC, it was something that was so far from what they considered normal in capitalist terms (which, even, is still seen as a very serious villain, by many people), then, accepting the cryptocurrency investment system would be the equivalent of not only accepting capitalism but accepting something that was not even clear enough for these people and that went beyond capitalism itself. I think of Hive as a very concrete opportunity to show these people, the potential of crypts in the most practical way possible, putting it to experience daily, the opportunity to be in that same level and realize that with the coins earned here, it can also invest in other crypts, including not so far bitcoin, albeit in small fractions.

What do I mean, after all, is that Hive has an incredible potential to make the experience of "materializing" money much more real and close to anyone who decides to dedicate themselves to it. I believe that these people just need to give it a try to experience this world, and for my part, it seems like the least I should do, is to try to show them that this is undoubtedly a very good path, an opportunity for real-life changes.


Thanks for reading, this was just brief reasoning or an outburst on the topic. Thank you for your vote!

Thomas Blum

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