I present to you the owner of the bots that are sinking the price of POB

As you know, I have been fighting for a few days against the two bots that are sinking the price of POB with a bot in two different…

Those who use the bot in POB have no idea how to use it

It is incredible that there are people like @gimme-your-coinz, @solovey6o2, @freebornsociety, @take-my-coinz, @bluesniper that they are…

My particular war against bots, they are paying off

Hello everyone, I make this article to give you information about my particular war against the bots that are in the exchange. As I…

He openly declared war on the bot

As the title of my article is called, I have declared war on any user who uses a bot in the proofofbrain exchange, since as a result of…

Binance NFT Marketplace Will Launch in June - Going To The Next Level

Binance is launching a separate market for the creation and trading of NFTs. source The launch event is scheduled to take plac

Xbox Series X already presents some doubts

***The next generation of consoles will hit stores in just over a month and questions still remain about the performance they will…

We finally see what is hidden inside

***There is little more than a month left for the new generation of consoles to land on the market, and the community of players is…

Introducing the New NVIDIA Cards (Date Delayed)

As I discussed earlier in this post has been released, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Will Not Be Released stores on Octob

A new game proposal in the cloud

***Just when it seemed that all the cards of the ninth generation were dealt and on the table, Amazon grabs its own chair and gets fully…

Serious Sam 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough (PC HD)

Serious Sam 4 is a continuity bet with a clear philosophy of "if something works, don't touch it" although some mechanics are updated…

Hades - gameplay (PC HD)

I love the sense of progression Hades conveys. This is divided into two aspects: the development of the character and your experience as a…

Kingdoms of Amalur - gameplay (PC HD)

Following the conservative line of the genre to which it belongs, Amalur, setting in which all the events of the video game take place, is…

eFootball PES 2021 - Gameplay (PC HD)

A new season begins for the beautiful game, although, as Konami advanced a few months ago, this new edition of the expected eFootball PES…

YIE-AR KUNG-FU - Gameplay (PC HD)

What memories does this game bring me, this time I have been able to play it Yie Ar Kung-Fu, a true Konami classic that inevitably evokes…

Rustle Gameplay the GTA Medieval (PC HD)

Rustler is a small project of the also small developer Jutsu Games, the 911 Operator, which is currently seeking to finance itself…

Punch-Out - Gameplay (PC HD)

Your welcome is the traditional chimes of any boxing match while the screen is black. A few moments later, the Gilette Cavalcade of Sports…

Crysis Remastered - Gameplay (PC HD)

Crysis -formed by 4 games- and its first installment published in 2007, we must mention before the first installment of another more…
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Immortals Fenyx Rising Gameplay ( PC HD )

The plot will put us in the shoes of Fenyx, who is shipwrecked on the Golden Island (in press releases Ubisoft calls it Golden Island).…

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remake gameplay

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a remake of the two games that started this saga of extreme sports, and that recovers its essence almost…

Iron Harvest gameplay

Can you imagine an alternative 1920 where World War 1 gives rise to something worse than the second? A conflict between three new…