How #HIVE can Fix the Money System

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Great chat with @taskmaster4450.

We discussed:

  • What the money system really is.
  • What are the misconceptions.
  • Why #btc can’t solve the problems with the money system.
  • We have liquidity shortage issues, not money printing issues.
  • #HIVE & $HBD solve this.


Posted by @eddiespino.

Hive images by @doze.

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Good chat here 👍
I’m more convinced than ever before how Hive will do this. In ten years blogging will be a reason but not the main one our network will be thriving. Between fighting censorship and the financial side of things there is no doubt in my mind Hive will be at center of things. The centralized networks much bigger then us now will not be here in a few years. Or will be far smaller than Hive. Looking back it’s amazing how great the events of steemit then Hive fork are. It made us truly decentralized and after listening to Task talk about this on CryptoManiacs podcast weekly I now see Hive’s biggest reason for growing as we go forward is no longer blogging but instead being financial and censorship resistance!

Cheers friends!

Oh total side note

I’ve been claiming one every time at 100% Resource Credits since a couple weeks ago, how do I see how many I have or transfer these? I see option to claim on Leo but don’t see where I can see or use/transfer them?



4 hours?! :D


4 hours??? Wow


Just wanted to write a small thing on this completely unrelated to the content of the post.
This post was actually created 6 months ago, but due to some unforeseen issues it was only posted now.


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I went all they and maybe I have to listen to it again, what a crazy show. So much valuable information.

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