My Benefited Trading And Idea For LEO/HIVE Investment

13 days ago
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Hey Friends ...
Have a nice day!
I want to say about my benefited trading
and idea for LEO and HIVE Investment.

Over 10 days ago, I bought over 4 BNB for about 28 USDT $. That over 4 BNB
has been Staking on Binance Launchpad
to get HARD token.

Yesterday, when the BNB price reached
29 USDT $, over 2 BNB were redeemed
and sold.
Today, when the BNB price reached up to
30 USDT $, the remaining over 2 BNB were redeemed and sold again.
Thus, in 10 days, I got a profit of about
6 USDT$ at BNB/USDT Trading.

I didn't know much about trading.
Therefore, I used to trade some middle-class coins, such as the BNB, bought at a lower price and sold at a higher price .
My trading method is simple trading by investing a small amount of money and time and monitor the market .

Right now, I love spending time on HIVE Decentralized Blockchain, starting with LeoFinance, and enjoying cryptocurrency money.
So, I have an idea to invest as much as I
can in LeoFinance and HIVE Decentralized Blockchain .

If my idea is correct and the LEO and HIVE prices are over $ 1, I hope to be able to save for living expenses of my family and save as Future Financial Investment.

What do you think about?

Thank for all ...

Tin Aung Soe

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