Powering Up HIVE And LEO By Trading At HIVE Power Up Day

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Hey my friends ...
Have a great day!

I noticed that Today is HIVE Power Up Day from reading some post.
Therefore, I planned to participate in that Program. Below are My HIVE Power Up Day Activities.

I bought 126 HIVE with the price of 0.119 USDT from Binance Spot trading. And I withdrew 126 HIVE to my account @tin.aung.soe.
Then, I did Powering Up 35 HIVE as HPUD plan.

And then, I deposited 103 HIVE from my HIVE Decentralised Blockchain account to leodex.io for LEO trading.
I opened Buying Orders first 20 LEO with 1.4821 HIVE , second 20 LEO with 1.4822 HIVE and third 29 LEO with 1.4830 HIVE bid.
I could buy 16.026 LEO at 4:30 pm of today and went to My LEO wallet.
Then, I staked 16.026 LEO Power .

Now, there have been 214.994 LP and 100 LP delegation from @forexbrokr in the Account age 12 days.
I just planned to stake or power up when I receive Rewards from posting and upvoting via LeoFinance and HIVE Decentralised Blockchain.

If there is many Power in my wallet, I will get many Rewards. Is it right?
This is my future financial action to get Passive income as Investment.

Thanksgiving to all ...


Tin Aung Soe

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