Audit your authorities

Was just talking with someone who asked me about revoking an active authority on their account and was having trouble with Hive…

VPNs and crypto | An overview

As the world and the economy go digital, online security gains more importance and VPNs play an

Diamond Hands - Being prepared for the bear

The downtrend of the markets can prompt many investors to panic sell but there are some tools that can help to avoid acting solely on…

The Unwritten Rules of Hive: The Results

After leaving the comments open for a week, I am finally ready to share the results of the Unwritten Rules of Hive. It all started after…

LeoMobile - The future of blogging

LeoMobile will change the way users interact with LeoFinance and Hive, taking blogging to a whole new level LeoMobile has been out for a…

Musicians are creating NFTs with real use cases

Musicians are looking to add value to their NFTs by creating actual use cases other than the collectible aspect of the asset I'm a firm…

Tokenization: the future of health care

It's needless to say that the healthcare industry is in pretty bad shape across the globe. The costs of treatments, equipment and…

Financial growth - Slow is better than static

Financial growth can be slow if you don't h

Signs of crypto adoption - The case of Uruguay

I believe some signs show a country is a suitable candidate for mass crypto adoption. In this article, I will go over some of the signs…

The Unwritten Rules of Hive

If you are a fan of baseball, you probably have heard whispers of "the unwritten rules". They are set of guidelines that players…

Signs of crypto adoption - Uruguay is working on "Bitcoin Law"


Introducing xPOLYCUB Governance | First Vote: Reduce the Locked Claim "Power Down" Window

Governance is an interesting word in the crypto space. If you go back about 12-18 months, then you'll see a large number of projects -…

Leo Challenge - Your first post on Leo Finance | 500 USD for grabs!

Leo Finance, where social media meets Web3. LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media platform for crypto & finance content…

Signs of mass adoption - Delivery startup Rappi starts accepting cryptocurrency


HBD - Driving the mass adoption of the Hive ecosystem

HBD is a great investment opportunity and can potentially help with the mass adoption of Hive Hive is a multi-million dollar…

PolyCub - Creating a positive feedback loop

The recent announcement by LeoFinance shows that PolyCub is on its way to creating a positive feedback loop and adding immense value to…

HBD savings interest rate increased to 20% - Is it the best stablecoin opportunity?

HBD interest rate got increased from 12% to 20% making it one of the best investment opportunity for stablecoins I go away for the…

Strike partners up with Shopify - Are we getting closer to mass adoption of crypto?

Source Is Strike's recently announced partnership with Shopify a sign that c

Incentive pendulums - The THORChain model

Source The THORChain incentive pendu

Web3 social media shows a Twitter edit button is redundant

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Functionality of W