Ethereum 2.0 comes to Coinbase.

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I received an email from *Coinbase inviting me to join the Ethereum 2.0 staking waiting list How does it work:

 </em><em>Bold</em>*Upgrade from ETH to ETH2 and earn up to 5.0% APR 
 Ethereum 2.0 includes a number of very important updates designed to improve the speed and efficiency of Ethereum. Decide how much of your ETH you want to spend on staking and track your rewards in real time right from your wallet. 

 Get rewarded, whatever your balance 
 There is no minimum amount required for staking. 

 ETH dedicated to staking will be temporarily blocked 
 After staking, the buying and selling of the ETH dedicated to this function will be temporarily disabled. However, we plan to offer all clients the possibility of trading ETH dedicated to staking very soon. Stay tuned. 

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