Listing on Coingecko

Wow, what an amazing week for wleo. Today the cap on uniswap hit $250k. And today was also the lusting on Coingecko. That's sooo huge for…

Powered up

Some LEO for today. It's always a really good feeling to push the stake button, because after that push you know that your power is more…

Powered up

Today I made a power up from the token that I got. Now I have over 21.000 LEOPOWER. That's just cool! Posted Using [LeoFinance](

Powered up

Some nice 246 LEO token. It's always a really good feeling to have after the power up more LEOPOWER! Posted Using LeoFinance

My Goal

Is to stake 50.000 LEO. But there is a long way. Now I have 20.681. So it's a bit to stake😉 But it's getting every day closer…


Today I staked more LEO. It is always a very good feeling, when I stake some more. For me it's the BEST tribe we've got!! Posted…

Staked it Baby🤗

More LEO staked than I got more LeoPower🤗 Posted Using LeoFinance

More LP

And again a bit more LEO's staked🤗 Posted Using LeoFinance

And every day again

I stake some LEO up. It is always a good feeling! Posted Using LeoFinance

And staked again

The LEO that I recieve from my main account, plus LEO from my curation. Posted Using LeoFinance

Recieved LEO's

To stake them on my account:) Posted Using LeoFinance

Staked a couple of LEO

Some LEOPOWER more that I got now! Posted Using LeoFinance

My first post

Via the @leofinance.io. For me it's the best tribe ever. Congratulation to @khaleelkazi. I just powered some LEO's up. Posted Using…

Regular saving on the STEEM blockchain with SPinvest - RESTEEM bounty open to all

Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post . About SPinvest........... SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of…