Splinterlands: All You Need To Know About Runi

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Runi NFT collection, the very first generative non-fungible token for the popular digital trading card game Splinterlands is now available for minting exclusively on Opensea, the earliest and leading Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Battle Mages on the Splinterlands game now have the opportunity to craft a Runi of their own.


We’re excited to announce Runi by
Splinter lands as the next drop on OpenSea! The Runi project is the first Ethereum NFT collection from this fantasy-themed blockchain battle game. The allowlist mint begins TOMORROW, 10/25, and public mint is 11/3!,"
Opensea wrote in Monday update.

What is Runi?

Recently, there has been increased popularity and interest in generative art non-fungible token projects from NFT collectors and creators. Following this, the team behind the top collectible card game and the fantasy-themed battle game developed on the Hive blockchain, Splinterlands opted to roll out its generative art NFT collection dubbed Runi.

According to Splinterlands, Runicore otherwise known as Runi is a unique collectible generative non-fungible token (NFT) that can be used for profile pictures and any media or commercial usage. It bears mentioning that each Runi consists of 6 different components. The Runi NFT collection consists of 6,500 items and can only be minted on Opensea.

The Splinterlands team intends to create a contract that allows Runi to be staked by owners and unlocked at any time. The planned introduction of the Runi staking contract is to give Splinterlands extra utility.

The team added;

Staked Runi will grant the owner a profile picture and one of one legendary neutral monster card in the Splinterlands game that can be used in ranked play. The Runi card art will display the owner's Runi, making the card unique to the owner.

Another development on the sleeves of the leading play-to-earn game built on the Hive blockchain is the 'Runi Component Swapping.' The purpose of this is to enable holders of the Runi NFT to swap components between their Runi. However, swapping components is only possible if and only if the Runi owner has more than one Runi NFT.

Additionally, swapping of Runi components by owners will change the look of the NFT held, and subsequently, the Runi card received in Splinterlands when staking the Runi NFT.

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Runi Launch and Minting

The minting of Runi has commenced but it has two schedules with the first minting exercise only open for users (wallet addresses) that are on the allowlist. Meanwhile, the public minting will take the stage shortly after. While Runi minting for users on the allowlist began on October 25, public minting will kickstart in November, the Splinterlands team revealed.

It is worth noting that the 2,000 Runi "allowlist' spots were sold out to Splinterlands game players in September during the pre-sale stage.

The 2,000 allowlist spots grant the owner a 50% discount on the mint price for as many allowlist spots that they purchased. One of these allowlist spots grants the ability to mint one Runi at a 50% discount.

Runi Mint Price

While NFT collectors will have to pay a sum of 0.38 ETH to mint one Runi NFT, the price for the allowlist mint period is 0.19 ETH each.

At the time of writing, 1,638 Runi non-fungible tokens have been minted by allowlist users out of the total supply of 6,500 Runicores, according to data from Opensea.

What kind of Runi will you create?

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I think they should have used Polygon as the fees are way cheaper. For example I have played around with open sea long ago. It is super easy to mint. It would have been easier to trade on as well I think.


I guess the team knows better regarding how to operate and the blockchain to deploy the Runi NFT collection.


Have to get those apes on board I am presuming.

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