CARDANO is very scary and dangerous

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Nothing is more frightening , irritated ,scariest and a lot of mix feeling than waiting things that we know it gonna happen is happening. And all those thing is mix inside our feeling is also wanna to explode like time bomb. We dont blame people blaming us because they also have they own believe in what they do . Recently, a lot of clever people blame to charles Hoskinson live stream educating people about DOGE . DOGE is fun , its show result for climbing the coin rank because the power of tweet. I dont hate DOGE , i personally have some amount of portfolio in DOGE . We dont blame them because believing that somewhere DOGE will become the world coin and change the system , thanks to ELON MUSK and other whale for his generosity and giving us opportunity increasing our portfolio. As i start doing my research on fact how DOGE will project to become the number one and revolutionary coin in the future , all i can see is meme and continue meme about the DOGE , especially the doge going to moon. I know it is not impossible for Elon Musk using DOGE for their project to the moon , but what we need to see is solid announcement from them . I did hope more solid project by DOGE because more competition will push creativity of mind to become more aggressive in order to win the competition.

In other hand , *WHAT HAPPEN TO CARDANO ? "They" say , we see result on DOGE , where is ADA result ? # Or it just a empty promise by Charles Hoskinson? . Every solid house , need a solid foundation. A solid foundation takes time to progress . CARDANO progress is still in their time frame .

Yes , this is exactly what i mean . CARDANO is a time bomb . It is steadily maintain a long sideway at its bullish market . While project by project , being added in their daily target along their roadmap . Surprisingly they still at their 2nd phase from 5 phase in their roadmap and they is maintaining their market cap at number 6. Thousand project were reported waiting for CARDANO entering their 3rd phase . and can you imagine how Cardano will explode near future?



No one believe that there ll be smart phone back to 3310 era . No one believe that car ll be powered by battery , back to 1985 . And no one believe , no one believe , no one believe but yet its still happening. Can you imagine the day will come where all the transaction will be done by crypto . Yes , its like you see in the movie where the money transaction is fast and safe , the future is there

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Bank dont trust CRYPTO ! HIGH GAS FEE ! LONG TRANSACTION ! ETC ETC ! This is a crypto revolutionary that CARDANO want to do . Transaction using crypto at Walmart , restaurant and all the place . Actually , this is happening now. A digital transaction using digital medium like wechat , debit card etc. Its happening now, the only thing that crypto offering is security of transaction. Its mean a adaption of crypto world into what we have now. This is one of the reason why CARDANO being call 3rd crypto revolution. It happening now , either we want or not . ARE IN OR ARE WE OUT?

DOGE GONNA BE THE FIRST DOING IT !!! That what they have claim with their excitement because the DOGE going to the moon. Yes , please do it . Its good for everyone .

WHILE IN OTHER HAND , one of tiny project in CARDANO project has been reveal . "We talk with action , not by meme ".



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This is the future , this is another node of problem solving by CARDANO .

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The solid foundation is needed to build a huge revolution , and CARDANO is very dangerous crypto because they take this responsibility and execute it in they own time frame . But this time , those revolution take short time than what the first revolution time consume because we are in right time , technology is there and people awareness is high. It is matter of are you or out of the revolution.

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