A story from Africa

I never believed in witches, but in Africa it is done and practiced by 40% of the people, be it rich or poor. I have a story of a person…

Kenya market update August 10 2021

Kenyan market now; on ess

Kenya market update for July

Everyday in Kenya all

Kenya prices update

Hey there... I will share prices in Kenya now.. 500g br

in Africa

Ladies and gentlemen, ask me anything about Kenya, Africa.. Today wanna speak of something that has been putting us town...…

Hive HBD and LEO prices for Kenya - April 3 2021

I have been travelling to and from nairobi.... it has been a hard year but am optimistic. 1


An entrepreneur Does what he must to succeed! I have made Bricks for construction. Two years ago I restarted my brick making…


Hello, an update. I need to buy supplies for my store. When I open again here in Nairobi you will be able to find me here! I have fixed…