BITCOIN: Supremacy of LONGS versus SHORTS

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Checking blockchainwhispers I found this interesting information about the total Long and Short Contracts being played now on BITCOIN:

This is the sum of the three major leverage-future Exchanges on BITCOIN, BITMEX, BINANCE and BITFINEX.

As you can see, seems that the amount of people betting for BITCOIN going UPWARDS is significantly higher today, 75% vs 25% is really an extreme that is not usually seen.

The only thing I can tell is that it is very possible that a huge price reaction is arriving in the coming hours. If you are immersed in a trade now, the risk is very high.

However, watching the decrease on the volume, I am still thinking we should see another move towards the lower line of the triangle...


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.

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If I were to guess I would say that we're gonna have some longs liquidated... and afterwards another strong upwards movement. I stay off trading though, because I realized it's not for me.


Indeed, it has a smelly flavor of liquidation coming :-)


Me gusto el post, me parecio siempre interesante la informacion de los short y de los long y el precio de Bitcoin. Creo que Bitcoin no ha corregido mas dentro del triangulo para formar E porque habia la linea media de 21 grafico diario que actuaba de soporte, y si analizas con el grafico de 4hs mas lineas medias mas soportes

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-02 a las 11.27.41 a.m..png

Siempre trate de encontrarle realacion de los short y los long con el precio de bitcoin, pero me parece tan manipulado que no le encontre una coerencia que sirva como regla
Por ejemplo ahora sigue alto los longs pero estamos a valores de rsi de sobrecompra en 4hs. Puede subir un poco mas pero estaria a valores de sobrecompra en 1d.
Estaria bueno seguir analizando esta informacion a ver si llegamos a alguna conclusion
Hay alguna informacion que me estoy perdiendo?

Saludos, buen post


Que yo sepa no. Por norma general, los contratos longs siempre han estado por encima de los shorts, pero hay veces que la diferencia cambia y podria indicar movimientos.


Ya tienes tu onda E formada y ha pocos minutos de comentarla, jajajaa

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