UNOFFICIAL WINNERS LIST FOR #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day) September 1st, 2020

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Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this month's Hive Power Up Day, either through powering up, posting, offering prizes, or spreading the word. The buzz from the @hivebuzz Power Up Day badges definitely had an effect on our numbers this month - we have 89 qualifying entries for the prize pool (compared to 30 in August!) and 151 people who posted and powered up on the first (up from 54 last month)!

And I know that part of the reason is that we've merged the #HivePUD and @victoriabsb's Spanish #HPUD power up initiative, but given how many posts made reference to the badges, I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one with badge fever. 😊

One last thing before I get to the number crunching - this month, since I got that wicked cool delegation from @theycallmedan, I decided I'd quietly upvote and reblog everyone who participated. However, I didn't really think it through, so now I feel I should apologize to everyone who follows me for flooding their feeds with Power Up Day posts! 😂 I lost count after 126 posts, but I know I didn't managed to reblog all 151 (although while going through and confirming everything, I did upvote the posts I missed the first time around). Next month, I'm hoping to continue upvoting everyone, but I think I might skip the reblogging thing... 😝

Okay, one last, last thing - in chatting with @victoriabsb yesterday, we talked about the need for a way to connect the small accounts hoping to earn a badge for a 10HP powerup, with larger accounts willing to powerup a bit on their behalf. I'm considering do a type of "Secret Santa" post (without the next month, a few days before Power Up Day, where people can ask in the comments for an assist, and generous Hiveans can help make their badge dream come true. Please feel free to shout out with any other ideas/suggestions/feedback, and I'll work on putting something together.

Now it's time for the results! The power ups ranged from 0.003 to 6500 Hive Power, for a grand total of...

30,936.61 Hive Powered Up!

And I know I keep saying it, but I'm so excited and grateful that I have to say yet again, thank you to @jeanlucsr for having the idea, and the @hivebuzz team running with it and making the Hive Power Up Day Badges such a buzz-inducing part of power up day! I'm so looking forward to sharing all this with @streetstyle when (not, "if" because I'm still holding out hope) he returns!

Speaking of dear Street, in keeping with how he ran this, here is the UNOFFICIAL winners list for September 1st. If you spot any errors, or your powerup/post was somehow overlooked, please shout out as soon as possible.

On SEPTEMBER 5TH, I'll post the OFFICIAL written-in-stone list, and at that time the sponsors can award their prizes. I'll also announce the winners of the delegations from my revamped addition to the #HivePUD fun, the Five for #HivePUD - Twitter Only Revamp, August 2020.

As always, special thanks to my numbers guy @abh12345 for sending along the stats even before I had the chance to ask for them. You are the best numbers man ever! 😊


This list only includes those who powered up & posted about #HivePUD and/or #HPUD on the 1st, and met the criteria (reputation between 39 and 69; Hive Power between 100 and 8000 prior to the 1st) so they qualify for prizes. As always, I won't assign placement numbers until the official list is posted, and I've added a separate list below this one for those who posted & powered up, but their accounts were either too big/too small in their Hive Power or Reputation to qualify.

Unofficial Winners List

PlaceholderAccountHive Powered UpStarting Hive Power% HP Growth


Participants Who Don't Qualify For Prizes

(but qualify as amazeballs because they participated anyway!❤️)

PlaceholderAccountHive Powered UpStarting Hive Power% HP Growth


Again, thank you to everyone for making this #HivePUD event such an amazing success! I'm so proud to be a member of this wicked awesomesauce community!

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