Are You Ready for Splinterlands SPS Airdrop?

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The start of the financial year which also means the Splinterlands SPS airdrop is getting closer and closer. If you want to know more about the SPS token, check out this post to know if you are eligible for the airdrop. The last few days, we can see some players starting to add to their stake hoping to get a larger portion of the airdrop. If you have received airdrops previously (even outside Hive), it can be a hit or miss. What I can tell you, the Splinterlands one will be the HIT one. From the recent influx of new players to the game, the sell out of land and untamed packs, we are all in and part of this possible big success.

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As the airdrop will be distributed daily, it is every players best interest to keep a close eye on what they sell as it may decrease their daily airdrop of SPS. The airdrop is determined how much points you own with airdrop points weighting listed below. If you just look at the chart, there are certain things you can easily buy/add to what you currently hold like DEC, SPT, purchase of card skins or even buying land from the market. Every bit counts. Those who delegated cards out would no need to worry as they will be distributed the SPS accordingly.

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Therefore the last few days, we have seen an influx of buyers purchasing DEC from the market pushing the price around 10% above the normal range. SPT token which is for the Splinterlands tribe also have been a popular pick for some players. I have tried to stop myself from spending any DEC in game and equally glad I have a nice amount of SPT to be part of this airdrop. Those who have bought land, will get a nice little boost and if you have totems that extra amount is pretty sweet as well. Remember every bit adds up so if you want to be part of this airdrop, do check out the link above and see how you can get your hands onto them daily.

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[source: hive-engine

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