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Hi Everyone,

This time our trip to Bangkok wasn't too long but was memorable as it has been a while since my last visit. 2 months since coming back and I'm still missing the city, mainly because everything is so convenient, cheap and also able to find my favourite idols. Coming from Australia, we are so far from everything, that it seems like everything is much more expensive, less convenient and living at a much slower pace. I also miss the fact that shops close super late whereas back at home, we are home by 5-6 pm most nights because everything would be closed. That's why Asia is so attractive.

Milk tea is much cheaper than we pay, probably pay 1/3 of the price. A large milk tea is around $9 right now with no additional topping, for sure Thailand is much cheaper.

Public transport wise, ours is ALWAYS late and we are paying top dollars which is why I like to drive because they are not reliable. In Bangkok, other than taking a Grab, trains or BTS are super clean and fast, so why not take them if a station is close by.

Donki is a shop I missed from Japan, who would have known they have opened one now at MBK and sold some of the missed Japanese snacks we have been craving for. Though they didn't have the lip balm I wanted to get but its fine, I'll get it end of the year when we go again. What's more is they even play the Donki song, my kids were singing with it throughout our shop.

One of the things I love and hate about Thailand at the same time is they have some great places to visit, but most of them are outdoors. With the hot and humid weather, we really don't want to stay for long or sometimes would avoid it. If some of these attractions are open for longer hours, we could visit them when the temperature isn't too beaming hot, making these visits to attractions more enjoyable.

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