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Hi Everyone,

As we have staked SPS for over 70 days, the APR is now in the high 60s. For those who staked right in the beginning, the high APR meant that anyone who stakes will get a nice return. As more people stake, the APR will go down without a doubt but even that, the rewards are still very nice. What is even better in this instance with Splinterlands, every time you claim and restake, there is no fee unlike on the ETH or BSC chain, each transaction requires a fee. I tend think how lucky we are that the game is on the Hive blockchain, fast transactions and mostly importantly its free (just uses RC). The power of staking and compounding is important and this will generates a lot more tokens than you expect.

I am pretty busy during the day so I try to collect and re-stake my SPS twice a day to make the most of the nice compounding. Some might think it is a waste of time for a little bit of money (depending how big your stake is) but every bit counts. Don't underestimate the power of compounding. I do wish that Splinterlands have an auto stake function like on Pancakeswap which will eliminate the need to go in every day and let the system run and does its thing. It will also maximise the staking for those who doesn't have time to go in at all, as I believe Pancakeswap auto re-staking many times a day.

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As the vouchers are coming soon along with the new card packs, I anticipate the APR will be much lower these few days leading up to the sale. I can also see that SPS prices might spike so these few days I did pick up some on hive-engine to add little bits at a time. The only dilemma is should I be spending SPS to pay for my packs to get the discount or keep it and pay them with a different method. At the moment, I am leaning on NOT paying with SPS even with the discount as I do see the potential for holding SPS for further development of the game. Please don't take this as financial advice, just a small player thinking out aloud the plan a few days ahead of the presale. Another thought is would I want to use up all my vouchers, there are already bids on Hive-engine for these vouchers .... I guess I'll find out when the time comes. Do you have any plans for the upcoming presale?

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