RE: The Power Of Staking (Passive Income)

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Tonight, I calculated that I am earning roughly $27 per week in passive crypto income, which includes Hive passive income. If I add curation and content creation, it's more than that. But, sticking to passive income, it is surprising that I am earning roughly $100 per month in passive income. I never would have imagined this two years ago.

Granted, it isn't life-changing money. However, it's compounding. And, it's still early in crypto investing. It is likely more difficult to get the first $100 monthly passive income than the second $100 will be. And the next.

Some of this comes from staking, leasing, providing liquidity, and interest. There are so many options available. And, there is no need for a broker or financial advisor.

I posted yesterday about how each $500 I put away yields me another $1 in weekly income. Now that I have figured this out, my view on saving has changed. I have another 10 years to go before retirement. Between crypto passive income, social security, and pension, I am optimistic despite the economic outlook. I know that I have the power to choose how much income I want to earn by saving in $500 increments.

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