3 x NFT auctions

Greetings, fellow artists & collectors! Those are my first #NFT auctions on #NFTshowroom. All three haven't sold any editions yet…

Network Effects - Let's Talk About It

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Casual talk about web3, Hive, current siutation and what I see moving forward.

PipeFlare ~ earn free crypto daily!

Greetings, crypto kids! ;) Everyday I visit some favorite faucets and websites, where free crypto is available. Some for less, others…

Cryptocurrency: What Is Driving You Other Than The Money

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Cryptocurrency is offering life changing money to everyone. It is a situati

Giving away 3 of my NFT pieces and minting a new one!

Greetings, fellas! ;) There are editions of my latest NFTs unsold yet. Actually since #HIVE started to go up^ I haven't sold anything…

Hive Dollars Are Pizza Certified

A couple of days ago I offered to buy some pizzas with Hive Dollars (HBD) to Hive People in an attempt to make Hive Dollars Pizza…

Weed power up^

greetings fellow crypto folks! Yesterday I dared to buy 1000+ #WeedCash from #Hive-Engine, because I was attracted to the price of…

My Odysee Gallery

hi, folks! :) This is my channel (gallery) @ Odysee / LBRY blockchain . for those of you who still haven't had a look on this…

Latest NFTs ~ Analog Drawings

HIVE's UP^ \o/ cheers for all the stake holders and believers! hope returns...or maybe never left?! ;) This is an update of my…

Some new NFTs from me...being sold!

Hi folks! I was very happy to see my art finally being sold, so my enthusiasm gets stable and I'm ready to improve my quality of images…

Just minted my 3rd NFT art!

Greetings to the HIVE's communities and tribes! Here is some tokenized art from me. Home to enjoy it and this will support my dreams...…

Weedcash.org Referral Program and Contest!

Hello everyone! I want to be the first to let everyone know that the new site, which we are trying to use

DCITY is getting more announcements!

The first announcement post since last November has been released. After months of complaining by many of the game players, gerber has…

I HODL my XRP & faith for a better future + sorting out other activities

The ripples of Ripple :) I was expecting that it will go above 70 cents somewhere soon... Missed the opportunity to sell some at a…

The Great DCITY Background Giveaway!

I like dcity, and I have published some guides in the past about [my strategies](

Project Utopis Whitepaper

Project Utopis Executive Summary • Aims • The Problem • The Solution • Implementation • Growth Model • Hive Power • Miner Rigs

Is dCity about to recover?!

SIM price As everybody, playing the game knows; when the #SIM token price goes down - the Income tax goes up. Last week we reached a tax…

No job, no car, just blockchain. LOL

As some of you might know but many of you don't, I primarily rely on my crypto trading profits and NFT sales to earn a living out here in…

Promoting Leo & Hive on the beach

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Twitter Giveaway (5 LEO & 5 HIVE) and noise.cash contest (0.5 BCH)

I was having a conversation yesterday about social media, and I suggested that they made a giveaway via twitter ... after creating a new…