3 x NFT auctions

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Greetings, fellow artists & collectors!

Those are my first #NFT auctions on #NFTshowroom.
All three haven't sold any editions yet, maybe because they're still unnoticed. That's why I decided to give them a go with the new functionality of the marketplace.
Starting price of every one of them is 5 Hive.
Auctions last for one week.
The rest is up to you...
...so here they are...


This one was drawn back in 2015 on the back of a chocolate carton box with crayons and some special markers and pens. Blur added digitally for the motion effect.
It represents a cosmic event of unknown origin.


One of my first fractal projects, created digitally with mathematical formulas in a proper software environment.
It represents a huge mothership inside operation.
Intended as a snapshot of a future video.

Ancient MU

This is a drawing from my "Shroom Fantasies" collection.
Made back in 2013. http://trayan.info/shroom-fantasies-2013/


With this presentation I hope to achieve more visibility for my art and recognition of my style varieties.

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