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14 days ago
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Everything is rising. Bitcoin is rising, platform coins are rising, altcoins are also rising, and the crypto market is quite comfortable.

For me, there are also US stocks that are also good, Tesla is rising, Apple is also rising, comfort doubled.
On such a comfortable night, just have a little wine and talk to everyone about getting rich.

Almost all the "inspirational stories" we have seen since childhood are positioned to succeed in our own efforts. It's probably like this:
"Because I studied hard, because I worked hard, and because I was charging when I was resting, I succeeded."
This is the most basic way to learn success, that is, as long as you work hard, only find the right method, as long as you keep trying, you will always succeed.
Indeed, this is indeed more positive, but is it true?

Just like everyone lying down and enjoying the gains of big pie and U.S. stocks, mining to enjoy the high annualization of defi, and buying mining machines to enjoy the extremely fast payback speed, are you really relying on your own hard work and hard work?

Recall your "inspirational idols", seriously think about their background and historical opportunities, think about their successes, how much of them are personal efforts, and how many of them have stepped on the "process of history"?
But that is too negative to say.
Two days ago, a friend said that he was a little skeptical about life, and how his daughter was in school to learn how to study every day, but he knew that the things taught in school won't make you big money, but the currency circle can.
But I think the point of learning is not how to make money. Indeed, since childhood, teachers have only taught people how to take exams. If the teacher can teach how to make money, then the teacher...maybe you don’t need to be a teacher, right?
Learning and making money are two different things. It's just that in recent years, studying has turned into struggling to find a high-paying job.

Speaking of our theme, since making money mainly depends on the situation and luck, what are we still trying to do?
I think there are two points: working hard to find trends, and working hard not to lose money.

In the past, there was a long-standing issue of "whether choice is greater than effort". In fact, the answer is undoubtedly that choice must be greater than effort. It is better to lie flat in the right direction than to work hard in the wrong direction.

But behind the choice is huge effort.

For example, if you choose the crypto market, or US stocks, A shares, foreign exchange etc., behind this is a very big effort and cognitive improvement.

I am generally a conservative person, and I rarely talk to my friends outside the circle about how good the currency circle is. But when I was drinking with friends outside the circle yesterday, I still said this : "This year, the currency circle market is far better than other markets." If your income only doubles this year, you may have underperformed. most of the people.
By the way, gamblers don’t count. Highly leveraged speculators do not belong to investors in this market. This still needs to be stated.

Today I saw someone complaining that he was said by a friend, "Aren't you lucky if you buy Bitcoin to make money?"
Then the group of friends replied, I think the very classic reply, I will use it often in the future, like this:
"Yes, money doesn't depend on luck, does it depend on ability?"

Then I posted a Twitter: "Making money mainly depends on luck. It takes skill to make money before and after making money without losing money."
Actually, I mainly want to advise everyone and myself not to be anxious. In fact, many things in this world may have been decided when you were born. Later things may also be mostly luck. This is inevitable.
Sometimes hard work just can't change anything, what should be yours is yours, don't be impetuous, don't change cars frequently, don't swing around, then luck will always have a day in your head.

Finally, a sentence of bull market experience for you:
In the bull market of the currency circle, it is possible to get rich with any currency, but only those who have held every currency cannot get rich.

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