It's official, we are approaching peak fomo

Today my father asked me something along the lines of "hey, how are those butt coins of yours going? I heard they became legal tender in…

Last chance to onboard the ava train?!

Ava (travala) has been on a steady rise for a month or so, and if you have been following my shillings posts then you know that a…

Investing into SMANA

I have been quietly investing the past few days into a hive engine token called SMANA. This is a low circulation token, with a max…

Photogenia Graphic - Video - Adds and Infuencer Services

Its been a while since i visited Hive. I came to announce me new company.After some time struggling with projects and ideas I finally…

DeFi on Bitcoin Cash? Why Not? [How-To Guide]

I have to be honest here, I didn't see this coming. When I saw the articles on Read.cash yesterday I couldn't believe my eyes but it is…

BRO Hive witness- Stats and Analysis

Hello everyone , a very good morning to all of you . Today I will be talking about BRO witness for HIVE . It is something which isn't…

Out of makiswap 😆🤮

To whoever aped into this shit (if any) after my post two days ago, I wanted to let ya know that I got out today with a minimal profit in…

Just aped into makiswap!

Here's my latest gamble: Got myself 500 pieces on kucoin after a good friend told me to yolo. Please note, I have done no research…

Dcity mega giveaway winner!

So, I finally decided to pick a winner for my dcity mega giveaway from a couple weeks ago. Sorry, for being so lazy. As a reminder…

Moon dreams

I've seen quite a few people recently musing over how things would be like if Hive was x amount of dollars or how plausible is for Hive to…

Marketing Update 26 / A few Hive review videos / Brave ads landing page in works / Hive.io complete redesign.

Just wanted to quickly update everyone on the work last week. There have been a few Hive review videos published. There will b

Power-Down started: thinking out loud plans for the bear market.

What, why? Yes. This might catch you by surprise, I guess, since I have always been a biased permabull by definition. However…

Eat pizza, Earn money?!?!

While everyone is shitposting about the price of hive pumping, I figured to be original and post this nice homemade pizza I had…

Top 5 ways to avoid high gas fees on Ethereum!!!

With demand for Ethereum hitting new highs, Ethereum gas prices have become painful. Spending all that gwei every day can dig into your…

Marketcapof is a fun site to play with :)

Here's a fun site I just discovered that imo deserves a shout out: Tldr, it let's you see what value a crypto coin would have if…

Guide: How to Stage your Kidnap for Free Bitcoin

Here's a funny news story! Venezuelan police are on the red alert for a genius that faked his own kidnapping and stole $1m worth of…

Ok, let's buy some stem!

Initially I planned to make a post about ape mining club , the new hive game by Marky in case you havent heard about it, and how…

TradingDojo #16: I Was Curious About My $OSMO Gains - So I Built A Spreadsheet Template To Track Daily Earnings!

Lately, I've been dumping any excess I have into $OSMO and $ATOM - absolutely loving O

Weird pump for travala today! Possible insider's information?

Travala had a nice pump today which imo is quite weird, considering how it's been on a steady rise in the last 3 weeks since I told you…

What is Litecoin and how it works???

Litecoin (LTC) is broadly viewed as the first alternative digital currency. It was dispatched on October 13, 2011, determined to be "the…