Askleo: What are your plans for this bull market?

13 days ago
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It's been 3 long years of accumulation for me. I was young and stupid and poor in the last run.

But now things are different. I am less stupid and my bags are sexier that ever!

Here's my simple plan for this bull market.

1)sell 10k ava at 10$ (or more a piece). I expect this to happen end february, early March. 100k usd is more than enough for me to live way above my means till the next bull cycle and quit my job too. Which I already did a couple days ago cause I found a better one. But if ava pumps I leave that one too. Fuck it 😂.

Btw, 10k coins is approximately 1/4 of my current ava stake in you case you wonder. The rest won't go for anything less than 100$ a piece.

2)maybe sell some leo (a couple thousands) at 5+ $ a piece and buy me a new fancy car. Like a nice 90s lada niva or something. Or not. My old huandai bucket still works fine so who cares!

3)Keep accumulating btc by dumping other shitcoins I earn here and there.

Whats yours? Sell everything? Hodl everything to the death? Hookers and cocaine?

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