Dcity Tech Give Away [ closed results soon]

8 days ago
1 Min Read
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The past few days I have been particularly lucky in rolling shitty techs on Dcity that I don't really need.

At this point I have more or less broke even with the game, so I figured instead of selling them for a couple hives each to do a quick giveaway.

And no,this contest isn't rigged like @gerber's game!

So, today's prizes are...

One beautiful police equipment:


One beautiful basic automation:


One beautiful cold fusion:


As a small extra, I will toss 1000 beautiful SIM to the fourth winner and another 1000 beautiful sim to the 5th winner.

Ideally, I'd like the gifts to go to newbs that already have a small city and struggle to improve.

To participate, just leave me a comment, tell me why you got into the game and which gift you'd prefer to win and why.

Good luck !

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