Shitcoin Bonanza #5 - Get rich or die blowing

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Welcome to shitcoin bonanza, a series where we explore some of the most silly, stupid, ridiculous and hilarious shitcoins to have ever existed. Some are dead. Some are still alive. But they all are shitty!


Stop touching yourself for a moment and listen to this. Wait, I take that back, keep touching yourself but just listen because you might find oil, especially if you can suck your own penis.

No really, who doesn't like fellatio? Can you put a price on that feeling? No!

And that's why a random genius thought it would be brilliant to bring us the the satisfaction of fellatio to the blockhain! Brilliant!

To quote a user of the coin...

Everybody like fellatio! Fellatio to the moon!

Specifications and stuff

Fellatio! (BLO)
Distribution: PoW
Algorithm: SCRYPT
Total coins: 210 MIL
Premined: NONE
Block Reward: 500 BLO
Block Time: 600 SECONDS
Trade Confirms: 6 blocks
P2P Port: 49105
RPC Port: 49104

So basically, it is a shit coin with all the usual code crap that cryptocurrencies come with.

Mining the coin is the easiest method to getting the coin but you have to be very flexible because you're going to do a lot of blowing.

Each blow is equivalent to one coin, so you're going to need your neck muscle and maybe a PC processor.

So why don't you show yourself some love in this season of love and start blowing out some fellatio coins for yourself.

On a serious noite, like most coins of the series, Fellatio coin died soon after it's inception in 2014. You can visit the original announcement and have some lulz at

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