Got some UTOPISs !

19 days ago
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Here's an update on my hive-engine shenanigans.

Two days ago I got myself some UTOPISs:


This is a new project by @chronocrypto that pays daily dividends. In some ways it's similar to BRO but it has some twists. Hopefully, it will appreciate in value in a similar fashion.

As a reminder, I got into BRO at 3 hive a piece now it sells at around 7-9. Not bad! And don't forget. Bro pays daily dividends too ;)

Here's a link if you want to learn more about UTOPI:

I'll wait a bit and maybe buy more in the future if I get a good vibe.

As a side note, I now have 5 hive-engine investments paying daily dividends:

  • My Dcity
  • BRO
  • Dhedge
  • Utopi
  • Archon (which i get for free by using the archon tag, lol)

And I have come up with a long term plan in the past 4 days or something. Sell the free daily dividend tokens that I don't care for (e.g. SIM, Blurt, STEM) for swap.btc, stake or hold the rest I like (e.g. archon). Here's how much swap.btc I have collected since:


Hopefully in a year or so I ll have a nice amount of swap.btc and these dividend tokens will also have appreciated even more in value... Time will tell I guess..For now they are doing mighty fine!

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