I just bought a shitload of AVA (Travala) - This is why!

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AVA is a project I first heard from the shillings of @empoderat on twitter. It was around this time:


I like to do my research and I really liked what I saw. But I definitely wasn't buying the peak.

So I waited a bit and started buying a few tokens here and then, gradually building a stake of 900 coins, with a minimum goal of at least 5k. I will later explain you why.

However, my ass was itching me for a few days now to go for a nice fat purchase. And today I finally pulled the trigger, buying about 20k coins for 0.8 btc.


Now, for some of you 0.8 btc might be dust, but for me it made a nice dent in my BTC balance.

Why did I do it?
Honestly, I have fallen in love with AVA. It has literally everything!

For starters, it has a real-life product that can attract the average non crypto joe. And importantly a product that dumb old me can understand. They are a travel booking company, selling flights, rooms, hotels, shit like that. And they continuously add new products. For example, flights wasn't an option a few months back.

Second, it's a low cap coin with a max circulation of 64 million coins with 41,446,562 currently minted. I like low caps!

Third, they have staking, or what they call smart program. Which not only gives you free coins for staking but also discounts on their product depending on how big your stake is:


And that's why I was targetting for at least 5k coins. Imo, 5k coins could be a big deal in the future! Furthermore, their SMART participants increase every passing month locking out of circulation an increasing number of coins which in October reached 21 %:


Did I tell you they also do market buys and burns every four months from their revenues?! As we speak they have burned 202,250 coins! Not bad for a low circulation coin!

Another nice thing is that they have decent marketing and new partnerships pop up almost on a daily basis on their twitter and telegram.

Finally, their revenues have been continuously increasing, even during corona. Now with almost all Europe in lock down I dont know if the trend continues but who knows!

As we speak, they are number 192 on coinmarketcap and with all the above I think there's PLENTY of room for growth. Atm, I feel like I stroke gold but I could have may as well stroke a pile of shit. So blah, not financial advice.

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