Lol, what's going on with proofofbrain?

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Me, I have no idea! It's literally trading at 1 hive a piece as we speak! I actually made 40 hive today, by selling just half of my latest pob earnings.

I was one of the first to shill the token and suggest people to use the #proofofbrain tag in their posts about a month ago, since it had interesting/funny tokenomics. But I never expected it to pump so hard and so fast!


Honestly, I can't think of any legit reason for people to fomo into it that hard as there have been no stupid exciting developments yet, at least not to my knowledge. And this is why I will keep dumping half of my pob rewards and stake the rest for the foreseeable future. Chances are it will eventually dump hard at some point and that's when I will buy a strong position with the profits I am making out of it all this time.

Or maybe it will keep pumping highet and higher.. I will still be happy with that scenario as my stake is approximately 1% of the total circulation!

What about you? Are you fomoing into pob and buy like there's no tomorrow? Staking everything? Dumping everything? Or are you taking a more down to earth approach like me?

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