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@silverd510 published a post a few hours ago titled "What is your end game…."

This is the main take from his post

I stack silver and a little gold, I stack crypto as well, but I also have food provisions, handguns and plenty of ammo.

But that’s not really what I’m talking about.

What is your end game plan…

Whether you are a crypto stacker or a precious metals stacker, do you have an end game plan.

Basically why are you stacking what you are stacking?

Link to post, don't forget to jerk him!

I figured a post expanding on his question would be perfect for a lazy Saturday.

Well, I mainly stack crypto and a bit of silver. But crypto is my main stacking.

The why is easy and chances are my answer is similar to yours. I first started stacking expecting easy millions and an easy life. No surprise, I blew some cash on silly moonshots/scams when I was a beginner instead of going for golden standards like BTC and eth. Eventually I got wiser, but like every other investor that takes pride in their portfolio I do own some silly meme coins. It's actually funny, just my dogecoins and Suzume is probably worth more atm than what the average Joe has in their bank account 😂😂

Today I have enough crypto to retire for a good few years, or for life if I was to move in a shit ass country. So why I do keep stacking crypto? What is my end game?

As I approach my 40s it's clear that even if have enough to feel financial secure, NOW, more is better. Especially when you have a kid and are about to have a second. Sickness or whatever can easily wipe a good chunk of money in an instant. So the end game I guess is to have more. And then some more. Just in case. Plus, it's nice to occasionally spoil yourself with a 5-10k gift and just not give a fuck.

I definitely don't stack though to give my kids an easy life. If they are to inherit my wealth they will have to prove themselves. I grew up a bit spoilt, it only harmed me in the long run. No free ride for the two fuckers!

The other thing I side stack is silver. Nothing fancy, on average I'll usually burn 50-100$ a month to get some coins and shit.

It's more of a hobby and unlike other people, I don't expect silver will moon anytime soon. I like holding something I know it's made of a precious metal. I like learning about its history. I like making posts about it and earning hive :p I like that silver is precious and shiny yet cheap enough to hold a significant amount without spending a fortune. I like gifting it to friends and family. And I like spending hours hunting for good deals or sniping auctions on the last second 😂

For the other thingies @silverd510 mentions...

Guns? Laws are pretty tight here but I do have a hunting license and own a couple of good ol double barreled shotguns. Hopefully, a time to use them won't come. But having a real gun and knowing to shoot it feels good. I have to thank my father for that.

As for gold, I was lucky to have inherited a really significant amount, mostly in the form of jewelry and sovereigns. Not wife changing amount but enough to keep me going of a couple of years. So instead I am concentrating to silver which is imo more fun to collect as I can buy Lord of different shit and stuff with just a fraction of the money. And it's still as easy to sell.

Cash? Meh. Just enough to get me by for a couple months these days. Do stables count as cash? If yes, I have lot more but still don't care to stack more. Just enough to outlast a couple years of bears without any other source of income.

So what's my end game?

Well now that I am financially secure I am not stressing over money like I used to and I have definitely grown a bit complacent. Which feels good. But still I am out for moar. You just can't have enough I guess.

What's yours?

P.S: In the photo is some of my gold. Just some really cool earrings that look like gold nuggets. One of my favorites pieces. :)

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