My sexy Australian wedge tailed eagle silver coin

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Another coin show off today, this time a sexy 1oz silver coin that I got a couple months ago from @goldrooster.

I paid for this beauty 50 hbd, which was a bit more compared to other 1 oz coins he had for sale. But eagles are cool so I figured it was worth the premium! And it is magic internet money that I gave to him so who cares, lmao!

Front side:


On the back side there is that old hag who seems to be on all kinds of silver coins. Don't ask me why:


Apparently this series was first minted in 2014 and luckily my coin is from that year which supposedly adds a bit more to the collectible value!

Speaking of @goldrooster, I placed another nice order to him a few days ago! There is a really sweet peace inside it that I can't wait to get my hands on!

8DAuGnTQCLptZgjHUrRAJGcW4y1D4A5QVJJ7zjzqqKdfVHSS6NapSCC7swYYqq4A2yR48KHvMzw5hZBDT4t5rs2q7EEb4krUA2cnwvRXJqtCjZDaKZcP4MJbCx2mKxhyUEAXLn8LDx82rJvjecwQH4xELvwi2VQQRV3cYgmRxxN (1).jpeg


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