Ok, let's swing some Ava!

16 days ago
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Well, I'm not much of a trader or a TA analyst. Most of my Holdings at this point are the result of good old-fashioned cuck holding.

Yet, we are in a full blown bull market show chances are that even if you buy shit you will profit if you sell it after a couple of days.

So with that in mind I am doing some swinfinf here and there, but since I have no idea what I'm doing I simply pick coins I am familiar with.

These days I'm trying to make some easy profits with Ava of which I hold a huge bag I don't plan to sell anytime soon. But as you can see I already made 200 easy dollars and then rebought with a couple of clicks, not bad for a total idiot! And I get to earn hive and Leo for blogging about it. Easy riches baby!

But why did I pick up AVA? Simple, the road map for this quarter looks pretty intense. It mentions exchange listings (dexes and cexes) , nfts partnerships and countless other things that I am too lazy to mention.

Even if Ava goes down in the couple next days or weeks it's guaranteed to go way more up eventually so there's no stress I might have fucked up XD


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