Shitcoin Bonanza #7 - Put your money where your poop is !

17 days ago
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Welcome to shitcoin bonanza, a series where we explore some of the most silly, stupid, ridiculous and hilarious shitcoins to have ever existed. Some are dead. Some are still alive. But they all are shitty!


Pfft, ignore the stupid warnings about this coin being a scam. What the fuck do jelly Bitcointalk assholes know about investments anyway? Screw them, they're the scammers trying to prevent you from getting your hands on THE shitcoin of all shitcoins. The true king of shitcoins.

Unlike other shitcoins that are posers, this shitcoin is literally poop. What we can say for sure is that the genius behind Poop coin was way,way, WAY ahead of his time.

So according to the discussion over the announcement, the wallet addresses for this coin is your Bitcointalk address. Could this be where Ned stole the idea from?

Unlike other shitcoins with annoying tech and mining processes that distracts you from their awesomeness, this one is totally manual and scam proof.

If you want the coin, you simply send some Bitcoin to the creator and he sends you some Poop. What could possibly go wrong right? Can't get more legit imo.

Unlike other coins, there is no mining necessary. Unfortunately due to lack of budget with this system, nothing is automated. I manually transfer coins between people. Yes, thats right.. POOPcoins are transferred solely through this thread. All you have to say is "Transfer [amount] POOP coins to [user]" and every day I will update peoples account balance in the thread.

Buy your poop today at ->

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