Shitcoin Bonanza #9 - The power of the cunt

14 days ago
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Welcome to shitcoin bonanza, a series where we explore some of the most silly, stupid, ridiculous and hilarious shitcoins to have ever existed. Some are dead. Some are still alive. But they all are shitty!

Unlike Fart coin that dissipates like gas, here's a coin that is well and truly worth the gas that sticks with you forever.


The developer claimed it was just for fun but the truth is that this shitcoin is based on a fundamental truth.

Once you get a cunt in your life... you can never get it out!

Your cunt is yours and it will stick with you. You could decide to share your cunt but at the end of the day, it always comes back!

The power of the Cunning Token (CUNT) is brought to you by what can be described only as a true genius:

I just wanted to play around with unusual token mechanics and claiming possibilities, and got tired of the cheap BOMB-knockoffs flooding Reddit and Twitter, so I tried to come up with something "original". I got super excited when I realised nobody else has thought about something this stupid before.

Cunts are claimed on Ethereum for free, if you consider $1k for gas fees free!

Once the Cunt gets into your Eth ERC20 wallet, it never leaves. Even if you decide to share all your cunt with someone else, it just auto mints new cunts for you.

Cunts have numerous use cases and one important use case will be sending it to fucktard virgin beggars or maybe send it to your friends who are simps.

CUNT is therefore the perfect giveaway for crypto-beggars, scammers and other lowlife; or just a fellow degenerate.

Either way, it's brilliant and everyone needs a cunt or more in their life.

Learn more about CUNT at ->

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