Shower thought: Why are people buying PAL?

7 days ago
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By PAL, I am referring to the hive-engine token of

Let's be honest. I slap the pal tag on my posts. You slap the pal tag on your posts. And those who don't probably haven't heard of HIVE ENGINE tokens!

And we all dump it in the hive - engine market. It's literally free money. But if we dump, somebody buys it, since it hasn't hit zero after so long.

Yeah, I get it, it's the first tribe to ever come out. But does anyone actually use the front end? Are there any real plans? Are there buy backs from ad revenue? Do they even have a real community like neoxian, ctp and archon?

Am I missing something?

Why would anyone buy that shit?

Oh well, time for my daily dump :D


1.6 hive for just slapping a tag? I'll take it!

P.S: Check the leo twitter if you haven't, khal has teased some sexy things for the future of LEO :)

Just head over to:

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