So..bottoms in?

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I keep hearing bottoms in, bottom near blah blah blah. Silly graphs of what happened last time "x amount of BTC remained in exchanges" or RSI or some other silly metric combined with wishful thinking.

Maybe I am wrong, but last time I checked lots of people in the western world was struggling to buy groceries and/or pay their medical bills but but but... They will buy our bags? Makes sense. Why buy food for your kid when you can buy cumdogeinu?! And that's of course just the retail side. Imo, there are more defi/exchange/ crypro business bubbles that are about to explode.

Dunno, at the end of the day I am just another retard posting here for the free crypto but I think 2022 was a child's play compared to what the future holds. Many reasons I can think. The war, I don't give a fuck about which side you have picked, don't bother. Politicians that are getting more retarded by the day, again don't bother telling me about your side. Chances are they are corrupted and retarted. I mean...come on... The world is going to the shitter and trump selling nft cards? What the fuck?

just deleted a couple paragraphs of other things that I wanted to say but I figured I am not in the mood debating with people I will never meet irl. It's just a waste of time

So yeah.. bottoms in? Doubt it. I hope you took some profits cause the fun has just began

Enjoy the pain 🎉

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