Staking my AVA - Smart5 Activated!

3 days ago
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A few days ago I shilled you guys Travala (AVA) and honestly, the more I learn about it the harder I get! Anyways, today I staked 5k coins (out of the total 20k I bought) and became a smart 5 member:


In case you wonder why I didn't stake more, 5k is the maximum allowed per person.

Anyways, just look at all those sexy bonuses I get:


All these discounts, combined with a 24% APY....hmmm.. I feel like next year's holidays are gonna be free thanks to the staking rewards! Or as a guy on telegram told me, more like free lifetime holidays! LOL.

Interestingly, I am following the number of people staking their coins (there is a telegram room for that) and the number of staked coins keeps going up and up! Two days ago it was around 9.880.000, and as we speak it's 9.940.000. That's almost 1/4 of the total circulation locked!

I thought I was over with buying AVA but seeing how the number of locked coins keeps going up and up, I will keep buying a couple everyday using my liquid hive earnings. After all, it's still 190 # in the coinmarket so there's A LOT of room for growth!

Imo, AVA is definitely a coin you should have in your watchlist. Staking, coin buys and burns, real product and use case, low circulation and good marketing... It literally has everything!

Here's a post where I talk more about it in case you want to learn more :)

Not financial advice. Blah!

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