The best thing about my least favourite silver coin…is the fact that silver is silver

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Today's post was inspired by the recent similarly named post by @ssjsasha.

Well, the coin below is by far my least favorite from my small silver collection, simply because I find the design on the front side too sloppy:

fuji taku silver coin vs euro.jpg

fuji taku.jpg

Shit, that's one ugly turtle!

The back side isn't anything impressive either, it's the Fiji Coat of Arms.. boring seems like an appropriate word to describe it:

fujitaku silver coin.jpg

The tiny letters read in fijian "Rerevaka na kalou ka doka na Tui" which is the country's motto: "Fear God and honour the Queen". Too cuckish for my taste XD

Anyways, ugly as it may be... One ounce of silver is one ounce of silver so I can't complain much!

Quick Specs

  • Composition: Silver (.999)
  • Weight: 31.10 g
  • Diameter: 40.70 mm

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