Risingstar: A magic card that increased my game earning.

So few days ago I wrote a post about the Games that have high "Return on Time Invested" and I included the game risingstargame .…

Researching your coins using Coingecko .. investing cheat sheet

Hey all ... I was browsing thru Coingecko's site and it seems that there are some very valuable data here especially if you are h

What are you hoping for from the upcoming "new LEO interface"?

In the recent LeoFinance 2020 Roadmap post, a major change was outlined. A brand new, built from the ground up, interface is coming.…

It's ON!! - SPinvest and BroFund collaboration - We want your feedback!!

Hello and good day to everyone reading. Today is one of those special days when we have some great news for the community. SPinvest and…

Will you buy $20 of Hive with me?

I went ahead and bought $20 worth of Hive on Ionomy. I believe this is a small enough amount that most everyo

Money Goes Where Treated Best!?

Should I set an objective to become a LEO dolphin? 🐬 Or continue "stacking" BRO tokens? 💰 Maybe some combination of both? Upon what…

My shitty investments challenge: IGAS - 99.4% down!

The my shitty investments challenge is a great initiative by @trumpman , inviting us to reflect on our biggest investment…

A bit of info for new SPI holders.

Holders of LEO tokens are receiving an airdrop of SPI tokens, courtesy of @khaleelkazi to celebrate the 1st birthday of the LeoFinance…

INCOME token now on HIVE - Gateway Under Construction

Many moons ago, with the launch of the INCOME token , we put our SYNERGY Fund into existence. It made sense, we reasoned, to not just…

How to manage your DCity for fun and profit (Beginner Guide to DCITY 'game')

Welcome to our beginner guide for DCITY . Those that are interested in this post are going to be those people that want to start…

Dumping steem....

It feels nice dumping justin's shitcoin, doesn't it? :D And I placed a bat order with that free money! Thanks Justin! Anyways, I have…

ThorChain Has Achieved Initial Escape Velocity

This is a shill piece. I want to be up front about that. I own what to me, at this point, is a significant chunk of RUNE, which will…

#HiveComic #9 📈 Dantes - The Fall of a Trader 💱 30 LEO 🦁

I've come into some LEO recently, and decided to create a LeoFinance-themed #HiveComic, Dantes 📈 The Fall Of A Trader. There are 30 LEO…

Are you selling your Splinterlands cards for Pennies? Think again...

Hello everyone, what's up? Since @Splinterlands card game is gaining momentum after it's migration to Hive and since many of my newbie…

The cooperation post | Leo feat Cryptex24

Hello, Leofinance community! We would like to say Hi from the development team of @cryptex24 exchange! Week ago we asked on our team…

Native LeoFinance Content Now Earns 10% More LEO + A Few Interface Updates

We've recently added a few changes to the LEO economy and to the condenser interface. The changes to condenser were mainly some link…

What is LeoFinance and How to Get Involved?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Are you a forex or crypto trader reading this from a Twitter link or LeoFinance Google…
@steem.leo/hivestats-io-development-update-or-page-speed-ui-tweaks-and-v2-rollouts Development Update | Page Speed, UI Tweaks and V2 Rollouts

Just about 2 weeks ago we launched the app for t

Shitcoins Today: Issue #2

Today, we take a look at a project that is currently going through a change in management. We will also take a look at a tribe token…

If you like Peace and free crypto, this post is for you!

Claim your share of over $400 USD worth of free tokens! Little-to-no effort required. I have about 46,000 Peace Tokens (all but 1000 of…