Splinterlands Basics #3 Card Combining

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Well as you can probably tell by this abomination I'd like to call a thumbnail, that . . .

Today I want to touch on Card combining in Splinterlands Since I see many of my friends struggle with this in the game.

First of all . . .
BCX means Base Card Experience


In Splinterlands you progress by levelling up your cards, making them stronger and allowing you to beat more enemies, getting you to a higher league.
Take this card for example, by levelling this thing up he gains all sorts of abilities and higher attack stats.

How do you level up cards ?
you see, you need to combine cards in order for them to level up.
Take a look at the picture above, notice that there is a section called "CARDS". Yeah, that's how many individual cards you will need for this card to become that level. (Every edition has a different amount of cards needed for a certain level)
This is the combine button, if you didn't know yet.
you find this button in your collection, when you check out an individual card.
Currently in the game for Common cards the max level is 10
Rare cards the max level is 8
Epic cards the max level is 6
Legendary cards the max level is 4

In the game different editions have different requirements for levels.
I took Common cards for example

Alpha + some Promo |-| Beta + most promo |-| Untamed and Dice + newer
cards that have the |-| and reward cards with |-| reward cards
alpha card design |-| the Beta card deisgn |-|

image.png image.png image.png



What all the new players seem to forget is that there's no point levelling up your monsters too high before levelling their summoners.
You see, summoners are the ones who determine how high level monsters you can summon
Every summoner has on their "STATS" page what levels they can summon.
If your summoner is level 3 for example, and you have a level 5 COMMON card, it will only summon a level 4 version of that card.

Over Combining

I see new players just mindlessly combining all of the cards they get.
I mean, I am not the one to say what you should do with your cards, but I suggest you only combine as many cards as you need.
That's because once you Combine your cards, you can't revert that action, meaning you can only combine more on top, but never take off cards.

You want to check how many cards are needed for next level, and only combine exactly to the next level.
Doing so will leave your other 1 BCX cards available for transactions.

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