Splinterlands Trade Offer System

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Hello all Splinterlands players.

I talked about this idea back on the Steem blockchain, but I wanted to remind people of this idea on the HIVE Blockchain

So I want to talk about the Trade Offer System
It's a way to trade without having to "Gift" and the trading doesn't have to happen when both parties are behind an electronic device.
I think it would fit quite well into the game, and this would give players the opportunity to exchange cards in their deck for other cards without having to pay the 5% fee when selling and rebuying the new cards (so 10% fee total taken from players????)

I will be taking an example of how the biggest gaming platfrom Steam uses this Trade offer system

So basically how this works is . . .

  1. You choose a player by the Splinterlands name that you want to send a trade offer to
  2. Choose the cards that you want to trade
  3. Go to the other persons' deck and choose the cards you want to get from him/her
  4. Then accept the trade by using your active key, and wait for a response from the other side to either accept / counter offer / refuse

For the person that recieves the trade offer, they can either

  1. Accept the trade offer
  2. Send a counter offer
  3. Refuse the trade

And also I think there should be a mute button, so if some person gets too annoying with sending the same crappy offers over and over again, then you could just mute them.

I edited this quick pic, so you would have a picture to explain it a little bit.

(this is how steam trading looks like)

Also here is a picture of all of the explanations

sorry for the bad quality, I'm a noob.

I'm really hoping to get some feedback on this idea, so don't be afriad to leave me a comment below.
Also let me know if I missed anything I should have clarified.
Thank you for reading my post.

Here's a cute panda for you all at the end :)

I had talked about this idea on the Steem platform, now I wanted to share it to HIVE People aswell
I got quite good feedback on Steem


Thanks for reading again :)