Need Help writing or proofreading your Post: Try Picoworkers

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I already post about Picoworkers, but I did from the perspective of someone who wanted to earn a few bucks. Now, as I'm writing on several platforms like Vocal, Medium, Steemit, Whaleshares, etc. I started to found exhausting to translate my content in several languages like French or Spanish.
Then, I thought of Picoworkers.

What is Picoworkers ?

Picoworkers is a freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing platform. It works like a marketplace where you can offer your services or hire people.You can find Employers and Workers from all over the World. Pico offers many settings and let you target a specific location.
Through the marketplace, Employers can hire Workers to do task such as promoting on social networks, writing/translating/proofreading (blog, website, facebook, etc.), testing websites, data entry, downloading, searching, installing and testing mobile apps (android or iOS) right through to language learning, sales and marketing, accounting and completing offers.
You can pay by Paypal or Crypto and if you're a worker you can withdraw your gains in Litcoin, ETH or cash through Paypal.
Sign up now and you can get 0,75$ bonus to open a new job

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