Abundance and pain

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are a blessing to us. The freedom it brings alone is abundance. When people complain about the…

The revival of the Terra chain means a lot in the crypto space.

src Last week’s bloodbath in the cryptos was because of the failures in the algorithmic stable coin (UST) and Billions of dollars…

Crypto Can Make Your life A Rollercoaster

Someone said when there is no rule, failure is inevitable, and when power is delegated to a central body, abuse is inevitable. So what is…

No system is Too Big to fail.

sc There is no system to be considered too big to fail. The same old advice remains one of the best for anything: “Never put all your…

# The Moment.

My heart goes to everyone that invested hugely in assets on the Terra chain. I read a shocking tweet that says people are committing…

Mindset Of A Newbie In Crypto.

While some people outside the crypto system feel crypto is not a reliable place to invest, many think it is a system to make fast money.…

True reaction when the market is red on valuable assets.

Everyone has their ways of reacting to the market when it is on the downside. Bitcoin has technically been on a spot for the past few…

Can a poor/broke person teach “how to be rich?”

src Reading the book 'The psychology of money' has done a lot in my mind. I developed a new mindset about money and I have a bett

Value is what you believe in

Sometimes I think about how some tokens that were nothing in the market rose and turn to be a big deal and gem. I understand how demand…

Trust No One: Where is Gerald Cotten and the Funds?

src A clip of The Bubble was on my friend's status last night, and it was pretty funny. I have not been watching movies because of so…

We all want to be rich, but do you have the right money mindset?

Yeah, some people make money out of luck, but it happens less often. I am not yet a millionaire in dollars, but I hope I will get there…

Turning Crypto losses to Victory.

It is a good thing that people are getting to know more about how blockchain and cryptocurrency work. Many people have painted it…

Free-write: What I think about posting in Leofinance

I am sure I am not the only one thinking in this direction. I think there is something about posting finance-related content on Hive…

Let’s there be light of billions on Web 3.

Satoshi Nakamoto probably mentioned- “let there be decentralization” after the blockchain work and the first block of the bitcoin…

Why I moved to save in stablecoin over bank saving account.

As it is that every decision we make has effects on our finance, we need to be frugal with all our decisions. Many countries in the…

Convincing the Anti-Crypto That Crypto Is Worth Using- Pro Tip

Back in 2017, I had only 1 close friend that was actively engaging in crypto with me. Some of my friends usually throw backlash at me…

Earn up to $5,000 monthly without investment.

I have good news for ya’ll, but wait, have you ever clicked a blog or video on YouTube just because of a title like this? I used to…

What is the psychology of people investing or reinvesting in stupid algorithms?

While there are some points in this post, I also want to rant because it is sad to see people losing money in stupid systems in the name…

After 6 Years, I still have $5. My Forgotten Doge was $1,300.

I still have some Doge wallets I cannot access and some of my forks lost their Doge wallets. It is a sad thing. One of them called me…

The First CEX I used in 2017 and how I heard about Bitcoin.

sc For many of us, knowing bitcoin or understanding cryptocurrency is a major breakout of knowledg