Free-write: What I think about posting in Leofinance

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I am sure I am not the only one thinking in this direction.

I think there is something about posting finance-related content on Hive that wasn’t there years ago. Yeah, the incorporation of the community feature allows content to be well organized and categorized.

There are many communities, tribes, and interfaces on Hive that give freedom to Hivers to post about anything and still reward them.

I often use other communities to share my content, but whenever I have finance content, one thought stays in my mind: Leofinance! And it doesn’t matter any other options I have, it feels the content will be lost its value posting in other communities that accept general content.

Do you feel the same way?

There have been times I tried to fight this that I should be able to post my finance content in other communities, but they truly lost their value when I post in other communities. While all curators have their metrics on what they considered as valuable content, I think the Leofinance curators have a strong understanding of what real value is when it comes to "finance" content.

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