No system is Too Big to fail.

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There is no system to be considered too big to fail. The same old advice remains one of the best for anything: “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” The Terra chain should serve as a lesson for everyone. I was on call yesterday with a financial expert and we discussed Luna. His reply was: “we should consider no system or financial organization too big to fail. When the process is faulty, failure is inevitable.” I am not a Luna holder, but one of my friends lost around $3,000 to Luna. I saw a post that one of the holders had lots of Lunas that were worth above $800,000, but it is only worth $1 today. I imagine a kind of word of encouragement that can cover $800,000. Also, the future is unclear. There are still unseen factors that can affect plans. Being proactive and checking for loopholes always is another solution for things like this and this shows there isn’t Utopia anywhere. Things can only be better.

The advice now is for everyone to understand the algorithm of every asset they will invest in, but it is so easy for everyone to understand the many big terms in blockchain processes. Not everyone will get a clear picture of how a system work. As of today, only a few people on the Hive blockchain understand how rewards are generated and what gives them value.

However, there are no two ways to do this. If you want to stay in this space and be happy. Learn how to understand processes and algorithms. Risk little in projects you don’t understand and invest in values you understand.

Remember, no system is too big to fail.

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Obviously understanding a project before investing matters alot,but this is crypto where juicy offers rains and people don't really think of what could happen next.partaining to what happened to Luna,it's actually a lesson for everyone not just the investors there.everyone just need to cautious