Cardano: A Start To Blockchain Governance?

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According to Bloomberg, the creators of Cardano, the blockchain system for ADA cryptocurrency, is aiming to be a 'legitimate option' for governance, allowing blockchain to be used to help with governments. Many groups and organizations have talked about how blockchain could be used to create a trustless system which can cut down on bureaucracy in government, like the VisualPolitik EN documentary that talks about how blockchain can end representative democracy to create an era of freer digital democracy. This is especially good because Cardano, like many other blockchains, is a piece of open source code available for everyone to see which can automatically run things securely without needing a potentially corrupt third-party to take a look. TechCrunch also created an article describing liquid democracy: a form of semi-direct democracy where citizens are permitted to more directly share their votes and support certain policies rather than having to rely fully on politicians and regional representatives to do so.

Cardano’s ecosystem is working on projects from voting to payments and even ways to run the currencies of nation-states -Charles Hoskinson, Co-creator of Cardano

So,can blockchains like Cardano help to create a freer form of government and potentially, on the local or national level, make systems like liquid democracy a reality even in large nations? Many seem to think so and I am one of those people who have hope that ADA can be used to create better governance for the future!

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