It Never Said No Loss, But Crypto Still One Of The Best Opportunities

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One thing ever true in life is the fact that bad news seems more visible than good news. A failed project, a failed token or coin resonates louder.

A friend recently told me how discouraged he is about investing in crypto. He had invested a couple of thousands into some projects. Today his investment is barely worth $50. I felt for him but I saw a lot of things he didn't do right.

As a crypto investor and trader, there are so many negative stories from fellow traders. The common problem being loosing their money while trading. I have lost some thousands too while trading this market, though that was in my beginning .

One problem I see, most people come into this market with the wrong mindset and mentality. If it doesn't work the way they planned, from get go, they see it as a failure automatically.

People need to go into crypto, like any other investment, with the proper mindset. As we go into it expecting to win, We need to realise we will not win all the time. Many promising projects have fallen by the side while those that are not as promising has succeeded immensely. It is always a 50/50 thing.

You can only assume, you can't be certain. In this market there is no 100%. As we expect it to go in our favour , we should also be prepared if it goes the other way. You would always win some and as well loose some. The general idea is to win more than you loose. At the end of the day, that makes you a successful trader or investor.

You would see a lot of caveat out there "not a financial advice, trade at your own risk". This market is a big risk. No matter how knowledgeable one is, you are still taking a risk . What makes a learned investor or trader different is that you are taking more of calculated risk rather than blind risk.

This is the more reason we need to get proper knowledge about the market so as to cut down on our risk. This gives us leverage above the blind trader or investor.

All in all, with all the diversity in crypto and the different use cases, I still believe crypto is one of the best opportunities in the world today.

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