UK Crypto Ban? Bank Regulator: Crypto & Bitcoin Have No 'Intrinsic Value'? Um: FCA Is Controlled By The Big Banks. ;)

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Yet more nonsensical anti-crypto propaganda from the controllers of the big banks via their controlled media sources and government cronies.
The UK's 'Financial Conduct Authority' allegedly making moves that 'give some people' the impression a 'crypto ban' is coming.
Problems: a) The FCA is controlled and funded by the big banks (despite trying to give the impression that they aren't. b) 'Implicit value' is missing from Fiat currencies - arguably more than it is missing from cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Has 'No Intrinsic Value,' As U.K. 'Moves Towards' Crypto Ban - Forbes
FCA Press Release
The Intrinsic Value of Paper Money

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